"When I had pneumonia I had SCENAR therapy on a regular basis to help speed up my recovery and clear my chest, this actually prevented me from being admitted into hospital." J.D Chelmsford
"A teething baby is never much fun, after too many sleepless nights I was prepared to try anything!  We gave SCENAR a go and my 14 month old slept through the night for the first time in weeks.  It was such a relief." J.C Dunmow
"My 2 year old son had finished antibiotics for a chest infection although his chest was still not clear.  We had a series of SCENAR treatments and his chest cleared completely.  It was amazing.  The treatment was completely painless and he found it so relaxing, that he slept really well after treatments as well." 

“Severe recurring pain in my right shoulder blade was eased by one Scenar treatment and cured by three treatments - magic." V.D Buckhurst Hill

? months after surgery for a broken arm. I was still experiencing severe pain and restricted movement.  After one treatment of SCENAR I felt for the first time in over a year like it really was my arm –?Three treatments later  I knew my arm really was mended? D.G Maldon

“When my back "went" I could not even stand up straight. The first session on SCENAR enables me to stand tall again. 3 session later I could sit and stand properly without any searing pain. I am sure SCENAR helped heal my back more quickly as i returned to playing golf 3 weeks later.?L.H Loughton


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